Casmir Patterson

Artist & Rapper at Dope Chic Music

Chicago, Illinois

Years living with Bipolar Disorder: Unknown

Brilliance: I can see sounds I hear, I called them "lyrical Paintings" when I was a painter. I am a Ghostwriter for Hip-Hop, R&B Trap Soul & World Music (DJ IDEM, Strawdogz, Eskazed, Melinda Hughes, Special Delivery, Keryl) as well as arranging for myself and others. Im also a crypto-currency co-founder of Raxx coin wallet app a decentralized ecosystem for artist to rent/trade coins for Music & Merch on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Beauty: My personal style is authentic and Bold. But I think my spirituality and my uniqueness of mind makes me beautiful, the fact that I can be both simultaneously.

Boldness: I had the audacity to travel to a different country without knowing the language and was bold enough to take on to learning French while living in France for a year and 3 months as a songwriter. I disrupt boundaries in music, fashion, and tech. I am a disrupter.

What brings me joy: I enjoy going on long hikes in the mountains and going skiing, while out in nature I enjoy the tranquility of the silence. Beaches bring me joy. My favorite beaches are in Barcelona, Santa Monica, and Carnac Breton. I love to cook, play basketball, and I also love looking at french bulldog puppies and kittens on Instagram brings me joy :-).

My Healing Power: Having this diagnosis is a two way street. Sometimes I go on whimsical journeys of observation and adventure -this is where I go to discover and enjoy the wonder of nature and funnel my musings into (music) creativity. Other times it is very difficult to describe the ways that the disorder affects me while i'm still in it as i'm still learning about myself. I've been really studying myself with meditation, kundalini yoga, astrology and chanting. One of the things I want to be grateful for are my gifts that I have instead of focusing on the negatives, but I wish that people would be more aware of the ways in which I am impacted in regards to hostile toxic work environments. I've been becoming more aware of how we treat each other when someone has special needs, and how people use us for our gifts.

Just remember this isn't a death sentence it's a particular set of tools.

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