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Facebook: Erika J. Kendrick Instagram: @erikajkendrick

Chicago, Illinois

Years living with Bipolar Disorder: 20

Brilliance: My brilliance is anchored in my ability to see people and capture their magic in words, warmth, and love. I write from a place of compassion, humor, and healing, and I speak through the lens of hope - an incredibly powerful force in our universe. Educating and Empowering through my speaking tours in front of thousands or a handful of people requires that my light be brilliant so I can reach and teach those who need the inspiration. I work hard to prepare my brilliance to shine through and touch all that need the illuminated love. I created the Who Moved My Happy? Mental Fitness Tour and the Mental Fitness Workbook to give others a roadmap - a fun, accessible go-to guide to finding their own happy so they can thrive in extraordinary ways, despite the inevitable sticky of life. Because that's all it is -- love.

Beauty: My beauty is rooted in my superpowers -- being creative, being passionate, and being transparent. There is so much beauty in taking off the mask and allowing vulnerability to emanate. There's so much beauty in expressing through actions, words, and example that it's perfectly okay to not be okay. And when I'm not okay, I expect you to reiterate the same to me. We're all connected so it's imperative that we hold on tightly.

Boldness: I'm bold because I take my mask off so others can see the wounds, the scars, and the healing that has resulted from a lifetime of mental illness -- from decades of trying to fit the square of me into the circle of life. And then I learned how to be the squarest Bipolar Badass around and design my own life around my many loves, despite my epic struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and anxiety. Mask off, love on.

What brings me joy: My joy looks like my heightened hope and my personal peace. It takes work to not just survive, but to thrive -- and I'm worth it. And so are you. We all are. I derive joy from learning, from my support animal, Isabella Sunshine, and from creating - just to name a few. But one of my biggest joys results from watching others heal/recover with a deliberate Mental Fitness Plan. And it doesn't matter if they get the closure they need by using me as a vessel, or if they can finally see their tomorrow because they have hope again -- I count it all as joy.

My Healing Power: Being a Bipolar Badass is a privilege that comes with great personal and social responsibility. I've learned to micromanage my triggers after creating a dynamic customized Mental Fitness Plan that serves my crazy more than ten years ago. Today, I share through presentations, talks, workshops and seminars how to customize a sustainable Mental Fitness Plan that will ensure wellness anchored in pragmatic, quantitative steps aligned with personal goals. You can find me at a Who Moved My Happy? Mental Fitness Event or pick up the Mental Fitness Workbook on my website or find me hanging out on social media (FB: Erika J. Kendrick, IG: @erikajkendrick) and connect so we can rediscover pleasures, learn powerful feel-good coping strategies, and engage in life in new and meaningful ways together. And then the fun begins...

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