Laura Templeton

Founder of SafetyNet: Your Suicide Prevention App and I am a Fundraiser for SickKids Hospital.

Instagram: @laura_benji

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Years living with Bipolar Disorder: 10

Brilliance: I am able to be vulnerable and transparent with my supporters on social media is a mark of my brilliance. By being open about my mental health, it inspires others, evokes a sense of hope and community, and also helps end stigma. These are my goals in life.

Beauty: My resilience and passion absolutely make me beautiful. I work so diligently as a mental health advocate in a variety of ways. I am strong, I possess endurance, and I am a leader.

Boldness: Not only am I transparent online, I also keep the conversation going in my day-to-day life. I do not hide my self-harm scars and have no problem talking with people about it because I feel like my scars are part of my victories. Normalizing self-harm and mental illness is part of my work to help end stigma and end shame. Normalizing isn't romanticization.

What brings me joy:

My cat, Benji

My closest friends and family

My beautiful partner


Helping others however I can


Power in Perseverance: I have bipolar disorder type 2, which means I experience severe, long lasting depressive episodes with intermittent hypomania episodes. The depressive episodes are usually very difficult and cause my to experience severe suicidal ideation. My hypomanic episodes are generally mild but they do make me more impulsive with racing thoughts and heart palpitations. It can be difficult at times but having to experience these symptoms only strengthens and motivates me.

If you know someone who struggles with suicide, share my Suicide Prevention App - SafetyNet with them. Learn more at: https://safetynetapp.ca/

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