Christopher Huff

Manager of 2 University Social Justice Program


Chicago, Illinois

Years living with Bipolar Disorder: 13

Brilliance: My brilliance is not letting my circumstances determine my world view. I find a way to overcome obstacles in my path and by being myself despite the stereotypes and stigmas against people that come from where I come from.

Beauty: What makes me beautiful is seeing the beauty in every person. I recognize the important value that every person has. It is my belief that we the capacity to fundamentally change and improve the world in which we live.

Boldness: I'm bold because I share my story despite the harm it my bring me. I choose to stand against societal forces that prevent people with mental illness from discussing their experiences and coming out the shadows. I choose to try and bring people together despite a veil of division that hangs over us.

What brings me joy:

1. Having supportive and meaningful conversation with other people 2. Playing Basketball 3. Learning something new from a TedTalk

My Healing Power: I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 15 years old. It took me almost ten years to embrace medication. Now, I know that's an essential component to maintain my health. I would encourage other people living with bipolar disorder to take their medication regularly under the watch of a doctor.

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