Jaclyn Jordan



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Years living with Bipolar Disorder: 20

Brilliance: My knowledge of mental illness and my creativity.

Beauty: My creativity and inner strength. Also my ability and desire to want to help others.

Boldness: I am bold in many different ways. I am a ruthless fighter. I refuse to let mental illness control my life. I have strong willingness to continue to help coach others on how to live with a mental illness. Also as a past recovered alcoholic I like to dedicate time and knowledge helping others that struggle with addiction. I have a level of inner strength that is impeccable and only continue to get stronger each day. I really believe there is nothing and nobody that could ever take me down.

What brings me joy:

Writing is my passion and always will be. From poetry, writing songs and so much more. It is what I was meant to do in life and brings me great joy. I also love to spend time in nature and the outdoors. Spending time around animals is very therapeutic for me. Also of course my family. Without the loving support of my family I would not be here today.

Unstoppable Power: At the end of the day we all have a choice. I chose to be proactive and take control of my health problems and my life. I refuse to let anything beat me. I will always struggle but I know who I am and will always love myself and feel proud of what I managed to pull through.

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