Cassandra Walker

Mental Health & Wellness Provider



Chicago, Illinois

Years living with Bipolar Disorder: 7

Brilliance: My brilliance is my mind. My brain and I may not get along all the time, but the way we work is amazing sometimes and fuels my creativity and work in general.

Beauty: My spirit/energy is beautiful. I hope that I am a distinct lovely presence in the world, even on my bad days. More superficially, my rainbow braids when I have them.

Boldness:My attitude is very bold and at times my hair. I've spent enough time not being myself that now I just put myself out there and speak my truth. It has made me a better advocate for myself and my clients.

What brings me joy:

I really love to make things, whether it is food or furniture or a podcast episode, it makes me happy to put things together and create.

Unstoppable Power: I'm starting a podcast and blog that is focusing on Black Queer Mental Wellness because LGBTQIA+ people who are also Black deal with a lot of compounded oppression. It is really important to me to be seen in this feature as not a Black person living with bipolar, but also as a Black Queer person living (and succeeding) with bipolar.

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