Welcome Back!

Camesha L. Jones, LSW

Founder of BOLD & bipolar

It's been over a year since I posted on BOLD & bipolar - and for good reason. I needed time to heal, rest, and get focused. When I launched the blog back in 2017, I was in a magnificent creative space but also a turbulent time with my mental health. As people know with the illness you can have time periods where you are doing well and maintaining and other times when you regress. In 2018 I took some time to get back aligned with my career and my mental health - and your girl made a lot of progress.

I also spent time getting focused on my business Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness. Through this time I was able to expand my business to having a office offering therapy and curating more mental wellness events to engage Black women in mental wellness care. Things have really blossomed more than I could have imagined. Even with this growth there were some pains such as being over productive and stretching myself too thin. As a recovering workaholic - it's hard for me to stop especially when it's something I am passionate about. In 2019, my lesson has been to slow down, keep things simple, and do my absolute best. I look forward to implementing that more in 2020 in all areas of my life.

During this year away, I took time to read so many books. Reading is my first love and I read almost a book a week thanks to the easily accessibility of my Kindle. My favorite book I read this year was The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson. I've always had a funny relationship with money but this book got me in an abundant mindset and belief that if I do my purpose work - miracles will follow. I also developed a much closer relationship with God. I honed in more on how to use the teachings of faith texts to be a better, wiser, and more compassionate person.

I got back to being my silly animated self. I can be super serious and focused - straight tunnel vision. I tapped into my humor and not being afraid to show others who I truly am. I also remained more humble- whether I was given an opportunity or tested in a challenging situation. I am grateful for the lessons learned.

What's next for me?

After getting more grounded and stable, I have few ventures I'm exploring next:

BOLD & bipolar: I'll be sharing new posts every other month starting in January of another inspirational person thriving while living with bipolar disorder. I'll also be adding more 'think pieces' that challenge us to think critically and love our mental wellness community deeper.

Sista Afya Community Mental Wellness: My team and I will continue to deepen our impact in Chicago by offering innovative programming focused on community mental wellness care for young Black women. I'm looking to reach more women online and in the Chicagoland area who are in need of community spaces to heal.

Consulting: I’m happy to announce that I am launching a consulting business to support mental health practitioners, organizations, and businesses develop impactful programs, increase professional competence, and reach who they seek to serve through strategic community outreach and engagement. I want our communities to win in providing high quality mental wellness services and I look forward to supporting more people/businesses to do just that. You can learn more about my new business at: www.cameshajones.com

In my personal life, I'm looking to spend more time cultivating meaningful relationships, traveling, taking healthy risks, and continuing my healing journey.

Be on the lookout for more to come. Thanks so much for your support :-)

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