Camesha L. Jones, Founder of BOLD & bipolar™ • Photography: Chris Thoughtpoet Brown

Makeup: Keya Trammell

Chicago, Illinois

Radical Social Worker, Mental Wellness Advocate, & Social Entrepreneur

Years Living with Bipolar Disorder: 4

Brilliance: I love to find solutions to problems and think with great detail. I am always thinking about how to improve current conditions and support others so we can all thrive together.

Beauty: My laugh, smile, and compassion for others.

Boldness: I love myself enough to take risks that put me closer to the life I deserve, even if the road is rocky along the way.

What brings me joy: Sunshine in an open field, company of friends and family, water & beaches, Black culture, community & history, Esperanza Spaulding, sweet potatoes, a church choir that can SANG, YouTube Webseries, dancing, stand up comedy, and turmeric tea.

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